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Christmas Memes for Teachers

Thanksgiving break has been delightful!  A whole week to…do laundry, cook, catch up on housework, clean out closets, fix the dishwasher, replace a door, and of course sleep in, Netflix, spend time with the family and eat yummy food.  But on Monday, it all begins again.  Are you ready?

Teacher Humor from The Pensive Sloth Teacher Meme Brace Yourself Christmas is Coming

Teacher Humor from The Pensive Sloth Teacher Meme Christmas Crafts Glitter Scrap Paper Glue Everywhere

Teacher Humor from The Pensive Sloth Teacher Meme I'm Going to Need You To Line Up Again

Good luck.  May the force be with you.  Stay strong.  We’re all depending on you.  You can do it!

–The Pensive Sloth

September vs. May

It’s May and we’re out of…

–Markers that work, except yellow.  We have lots of yellow.

–Pencils, but this isn’t new.  We’ve been out of pencils since March.

–Pages in our science notebooks.  Now we just tape pages in at the back as we go.

–Toner in our classroom printer.  All the pages print with faded gray fonts and words too faint to see in some places.  It’s kind of fun guessing what we think the author wrote, isn’t it?

–Construction paper, except yellow and brown.

–Staplers that work like they should.  The green one is missing the bottom and only works on walls and the black one jams more often than it staples.


5th Grade Teacher Humor #teacherproblems from The Pensive Sloth

That’s right.  We’re completely out of tissues (and it’s allergy season in Texas).  This is my low-cost solution.

Luckily, we’ve still got plenty of books to read.  I’m kind of a book-a-holic.

–The Pensive Sloth

Dear Diary–January 8, 2015

Dear Diary,

Three things I really LOVE about teaching…

1–The students

2–Also the students

3–Oh yeah, the students!


Three things I’m not so fond of…

1–The meetings

2–So many meetings

3–And also the paperwork!


–The Pensive Sloth

Teacher Humor Oprah Meme You Get a Meeting

Teacher Humor Meme Meetings, Trainings, PLCS, and Trainings Everywhere

Teacher Humor Meme Please Can I Have My After School Time Back for Planning

Teachers–It’s summer. Are you snoozing it away or working crazy hard?

I love taking those quizzes you find on Buzzfeed and Facebook and whatnot.  I’ve always wanted to make one, and after lots of trial and error, here’s my first attempt using Playbuzz.  It is certainly far from perfect, but it was a blast to create.  Give the  quiz  a try to find out your summer teacher personality.

Oh…and the first 10 people to follow The Pensive Sloth on Facebook and leave a comment sharing their quiz results, get a freebie from my store.  You choose which product you want.

Funny Summer Teacher Quiz (humor)

Click the image and head over to Playbuzz to take the quiz.  The first 10 people to take the quiz,  follow The Pensive Sloth on Facebook and leave a comment sharing their results can choose a freebie from my store.  Any one product.  Your choice!

Want to make your own quiz?  Try Playbuzz!  It is easy and free, and if your blog accepts html, you can even embed your quiz!

–The Pensive Sloth