Dear Diary–January 8, 2015

Dear Diary,

Three things I really LOVE about teaching…

1–The students

2–Also the students

3–Oh yeah, the students!


Three things I’m not so fond of…

1–The meetings

2–So many meetings

3–And also the paperwork!


–The Pensive Sloth

Teacher Humor Oprah Meme You Get a Meeting

Teacher Humor Meme Meetings, Trainings, PLCS, and Trainings Everywhere

Teacher Humor Meme Please Can I Have My After School Time Back for Planning



  1. Thank you, Mrs. B! I am a high school teacher in Cape Town and I have stumbled upon your blog. I truly enjoy fun and games and jokes – and I think, especially if you’re a teacher, you should always view the bright side of life! Thank you for making me smile – love this one!!

  2. We got an announcement this morning that our planned PD was cancelled tomorrow – my students were treated to a song and dance!

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