Math anchor chart for landmarks--mean, median, mode, range

Anchor Chart Thursday–Mean, Median, Mode, Range

I found this really nifty song on Pinterest, though I don’t remember where so that I can give credit!  But, I thought I would share it.  It has helped my kiddos a lot with remembering what the ‘landmarks’ represent.

Hey diddle diddle

The median is the middle

You add and divide for the mean

The mode is the one that appears the most

And the range is the difference between

Math anchor chart for landmarks--mean, median, mode, range

Math anchor chart for landmarks–mean, median, mode, range

Also, I discovered the greatest site for math practice worksheets.  If you are looking for basic problems, like those not all dressed up in word problems, so that you can know your kiddos have mastered a skill, you’ve got to try THIS SITE.  I’m a Texas teacher and do not use Common Core, so if you are in Texas, don’t search by standard or grade level.  Just look at the skill because it is taught in different grades.  I used the Mean, Median, Mode, Range set with my 5th graders even though it is listed as a 6th grade set.  The great part about this site is that all of the sheets are organized the same way, they come with answer keys, and there are 10 versions for each skill!   This is perfect for small groups because if the student didn’t understand whole group, you can re-teach in small group and have something for them to practice.  Love it!  It must have been created or organized by a teacher because it is super classroom friendly.  Happy teaching!