Introduce Yourself to Students with a Back To School Quiz

Are you looking for a fun way to introduce yourself to your students?  Try a quiz.  I’ve done this with my 5th graders for the last 5 years and it is super simple and tons of fun.  When I was young, I remember having many questions about who my teacher was.  Was she married?  What does she like to do?  Is she human?  As a teacher, I wanted my students to know a little about me and decided that a quiz would be an interactive way to share.

It’s easy, just list 5-10 statements about yourself, some true and some false.  You can have students work alone, but I usually have my kids work with a partner and record their answers on index cards.  I want my kids to talk to each other on that first day and I love hearing the conversations as they make inferences like “She is wearing a green shirt, so she must like green.” As you reveal the answers, you can explain what makes the statements true or false for you.

Introduce yourself to students with a back to school quiz (from The Pensive Sloth--August 2014)

Introduce yourself to students with a true/false quiz all about you!

Best of luck as you prepare to greet your kiddos!

–The Pensive Sloth



  1. Thanks for stopping in and commenting. I have a great time with this. Sometimes I add a statement like “I am a genius.” Most of the kids choose true and giggle!

  2. We have a “get together” at the park. The administrators show us their funny, real side, all the kids get to do things together (elem., jr. high, and high school), and we start the year off with showing the kids learning is fun!

    1. YES! What I love about having them make posters about themselves is that you can decorate the room with their work right away to make students feel at home in the classroom. Great idea!

  3. This might be crazy but I plan on doing a respect agreement the first day of school. This is my first year as a teacher and I spent two years in college as a Resident Assistant and the first thing we would do is put into writing what we thought respect was and what respect was not. We would have Resident Assistant to Resident section, a Resident to RA section, a Resident to Resident section and a Everyone to University section. At the end we would make sure that everyone agreed to the list that was generated then everyone would sign it. From that agreement I will make the classroom rules and expectations and post both posters in the classroom.

  4. I usually just tell the kids about myself and let them ask almost any questions, but I’ve been thinking about making it more fun. I’m going to try your “quiz”. Thanks for sharing the idea!

  5. I have the kids to a Classmate Scavenger hunt. They ask each other questions like favorite sports team, number of pets, etc… Really gets them talking.

  6. Because I taught Learning Disabilities my first day was different from the gen ed teacher. I always started with a book, which varied from year to year as I had some of the same students for several years. We then used that as a starting point for discussing how to have a good year.

  7. I like to have students create all about me bags. I have mine to share on the first day and then each student brings their bag in the following day to share inforamtion about them! They always like that!

  8. I did the quiz when I taught 4th grade. I also had them write their own answers on cards without names and then passed them out randomly. They had to find the person who wrote the card and then introduce the person to the class. I do the 2 truths and 1 lie on the second day. With second grade, I do the class scavenger hunt on the first day.

  9. Love the idea! Our new principal did a similar thing – with 2 truths and one lie at our 1st staff meeting. Who knew he was a cheerleader! LOL

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